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About Us

who we are

We are the aerodesign club of RVCE.

Started in 2007, we are one of the leading student projects in India having won many national and international competitions, awards like the NASA Systems Engineering Award among many others.

what we do

Developing low cost drones.

Carry out cutting edge research for development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Ignite inquisitiveness and interest in young minds in Aerospace Engineering and help them along that path.

Represent our country in numerous International competitions like SAE Aerodesign, AIAA Design Build Fly & IMAV.

our mission

To develop state of the art technologies in the field Autonomous Robotics.

To accelerate the growth of the Aerospace domain by conceiving a Societal Drone Era.

Carry out R&D in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles,to perform custom advanced missions for societal use.


Since inception, Team Vyoma has represented our country in various prestigious international competitions.

Letter Of Appreciation From Former President Of India

The team was honoured by the Former President of India, Smt. Prathiba Devi Singh Patil with a Letter of Apreciation for representing the country in various international competitions and winning the NASA Systems Engineering Award in 2013.

SAE Aerodesign

2008: RVCE and India’s First entry in SAE aero design. The plane project Vyoma debuted with a 2m Wingspan. Secured 18th position among 40 international teams

2009: Vyoma’s subsequent entry was a 2.2m wingspan, 1.5 kg methanol engine plane with a newly designed landing gear mechanism . Secured 20th position among 45 international teams.

2011 Micro Class: Entered with a smaller, more successful plane of 1 m wingspan. Smaller Aerial systems are more difficult to design. Secured 8th position among 75 international teams.

2012 Micro Class: Previous year’s design was fine tuned resulting in a plane of 75 cm wingspan with increased maneuverability and optimized propulsion system. Secured 7th position over 75 international teams

2013 Micro Class:Project Vyoma’s most successful year. Ranked 9th from over 75 teams. The team designed a flying wing for the first time since its establishment. Won the NASA Systems Engineering Award for systems design optimization. Lightest plane in the history of SAE at 123 grams and a wingspan of 60 cm with payload capacity of two times its weight.

AIAA Design Build Fly

2015: Debuted in AIAA DBF, one of the most challenging aerodesign competitions, with a plane designed to complete 3 challenging flight missions and a ground mission. Secured 40th position among 85 international teams.

2016: Returned to DBF with two modular planes, capable of transporting one in the other. Secured 6th position in design report and 40th position overall among 80 international teams.

2017: Designed a tube launched foldable aircraft. Secured 1st among 138 international teams in Proposal. Unfortunately, were unable to go to the venue due to technical issues.

2018: Designed an aircraft which mimics the regional and business aircarft . Secured 10th among 99 international teams in Design report and finished 25th overall.

Bengaluru Space Expo

Bengaluru Space Expo 2010: the second edition of Asia’s only focused exhibition on Space Technologies, Products and Innovations held from 25th to 28th August 2010 at BIEC, Bengaluru, India. The only non-commercial and student team to exhibit its works in the esteemed international exhibition.

Sparkfun Autonomous Vehicle Challenge

The Autonomous Vehicle Challenge is a recurring contest held annually by SparkFun. The objective is to build an automated vehicle that can circumnavigate a course without human interaction.

2015: Aerial vehicles were not allowed from this year. So the team debuted with an autonomous ground vehicle in Pelton class and secured 4th position.

International Micro Aerial Vehicles Conference And Flight Competition

International Micro Air Vehicle conferences (IMAV) includes competitions in which capabilities are demonstrated and missions are performed. The goal of most competitions is to stimulate research on full autonomy of the micro air vehicles.

2017: Team Vyoma made debute in autonomous flight competitions with 9th International Micro Aerial Vehicles Conference And Flight Competition held in Toulouse, France from September 18th to 21st, 2017. The team got selected for a poster presentation in the conference and obtained Sponsorship from the Organisers selected on a merit basis.

The team secured 7th among 15 international teams in the debut itself.

NASA Systems Engineering Award

We were awarded First Prize beating 75 international teams in the Systems Engineering Award competition sponsored and managed by NASA’s Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate in partnership with SAE International showing the world to think beyond conventional designs. It was held in April, 2013.

  • Recieved Letter Of Appreciation from Former President of India.
  • Featured in all major news outlets including NDTV,ET Now,The Hindu,Times of India,News 9 and Bangalore Mirror.
  • One of the earliest student project teams in India, we're the trendsetters in Indian Aerodesign.
  • Over 50 successful projects completed.
  • A decade worth of expertise in the field of Aerodesign, continually striving to improve and represent the nation in more prestigious platforms.

North Preview


Gen X Multirotor
DBF 2019

Ongoing Projects

Autonomous UAV



projects completed



our team

Team Member

sumith kb

design & sponsorship

Team Member

Ryan D'Souza

design & finance

Team Member

sriharsha patil

design & management

Team Member

taha khokhawala

materials and structural design

Team Member

prashanth mypadi

electronics and propulsion

Team Member

nayana h gowda

design and logistics

Team Member

guruprasad joshi

design & management

Team Member

afreed faizan

design & sponsorship

Team Member

kiran hegde

Systems & Control

Team Member

pratheeksha prasad

Systems & Communication

Team Member

monica yadav

Systems & Propulsion

Team Member

hrithik agarwala

Electronics & finance

Team Member

siddalingana gowda

design & materials

Team Member

Sahana A

design & logistics

support us

The team requires support in this crucial period where we have the skill-set to achieve, but lack a lot in terms of financial assistance. Therefore we seek your support by contributing to the team. To carry out our current project and goals towards the competition.

Sumith:+91 91082 60653
Guruprasad:+91 70221 42725
Kiran:+91 96116 64017

projectvyoma@rvce.edu.in RV College of Engineering, Bengaluru, India.

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